Friday, 10 November 2017

What would you do? Cheat, compete, complain or let it go?

I'm really interested to know...

If you were involved in a business competition where there is a risk for businesses to cheat because of a voting system that is untrackable or transparent and you are aware of businesses who have cheated previously and won... 

What would you do?

Would you cheat as well?
Would you try to compete, knowing that others are cheating?
Would you complain?
Or would you let it go?


On the eve of a prestigious local business award night, I withdrew my first business nomination from the competition in adoration for my own social ethos and that of the local communities as well. 

I have no emotional ties to the nomination. I was not previously or consciously seeking a business award.  I already feel like I compete with myself so much that an award from an external source would be nice but of no real consequence. I feel quite black and white about my decision to withdraw. But instead of just letting it go, which typically I do in most circumstances because the social injustice is either too grand for me to take on or not related to me directly. In this instance, however, this social injustice I felt compelled not to compete, and make my reason known. 

Did I do the right thing by asking to be removed from a competition where the competition is unfair?

I didn't ask to be in the competition, nor did I ask my customers, families or friends to nominate me. So if I asked not to take part does is it even matter? Does it do anything to fix the underlying injustice that continues to occur?

I like the idea of a business competition and awards night! It's healthy, it breeds creativity and evolution. I can appreciate that small business struggle all year, and just a little reprieve and a reason to celebrate with a greater crowd can be a fantastic event for an entire community. Which is what an awards night that celebrates the businesses of a community does, I'm not knocking that. However, if everyone is brought together and celebrating something that is false and not true... does it make the competition ok?

How would it make you feel to be at an awards ceremony, knowing that your business cheated? How would it make you feel if they won in every category? Would it make you question the winners of other industries, knowing that they may have done the same thing?

Does it devalue the competition, the award and the celebrations of success for everyone?  


Thank you to the people that did nominate, I do appreciate the recognition, even though I don't know who you are. I am appreciative. Thank you. 

Now for the record. I have no intention of revealing any businesses that cheated in this "Best in Business" competition before. I'm not interested in revealing the names of people who have given testimony to witnessing it occur. I'm only interested in the question of what you would do if you were in the same position?
Cheat, compete, complain or let it go?

Side note: I would hope those businesses who previously have cheated, would gather a significant amount of inner turmoil to feel guilty enough to address the public and let everyone know how and why they cheated. The Melbourne Storm cheated and they came back better than ever, maybe the same sporting prowess can be achieved in business competitions as well?

But then again... maybe not. I mean, being able to publicly advertise yourself as the "Best in Business" would surely come with some financial benefits, not to mention the confidence that comes along with being publicly acclaimed by your peers, colleagues, friends and family. 


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Breathe Pilates Grand Opening This Saturday

Hi PhysioCall Tribe,

This Saturday we launch our new services:

THIS SATURDAY 8am to 12pm at Gladstone

1) Breathe Pilates
2) Effortless Wellness
3) Hyperbaric Chamber
4) Stay Super Program
5) Ground Up Therapy

We will be doing a BATTLE OF THE BROTHS. So come taste over 10 Bone Broths from Around the World. Including a Chocolate Bone Broth.

Special giveaways + discounts + available for ALL that attend.
- save a minimum of $40 in Physio Coupons

Education Presenting on the day at:

Josh - The effortless Wellness Program
(What is it, who's it for --> special offer for people who are really stressed)

Kaliya - Breathe Pilates, Hyperbaric Chamber


Thursday, 2 November 2017

Which SUPER HERO are you?


Hey Quick Question - PhysioCall Tribe!
Which SUPER HERO are you?

As part of a new initiative to help people stay healthy ALL YEAR ROUND here at, we have created the
Stay Super and Save Program.

To activate your 12-month monthly maintenance program and save on your health care - simply sign up today and save immediately.

The membership offer is for our loyal GLADSTONE customers. You are receiving a discount on each booked consult over a 12 month period (spaced out 4 weeks apart) and you are also given exclusive gifts, bonuses and consults as a result of being part of the 12-month program.

What you will receive:

- 12 months of discounted physio treatments (save $$$)
- 1 x FREE 90 min hyperbaric session (save $120 includes oxygen mask)
- 1 x FREE 30 min Pilates consult (save $45)
- 12 months access to Treat yourself @ Home self-care program (value $30)
- 1 week supply of blend 11 400g (save $17)
- 1 month supply of bone broth (save $35)

Total value Over = $368


For anyone that completes their 12-month maintenance program and attends all 12 consults, you will receive an additional 30 min FREE physio treatment - to be redeemed within 3 months after completing the 12-month program (Value $85)

We are offering a GUARANTEED 12 months of Physio Treatment to 20 16 of our clients!

Do you want to Maintain your Health all year around and also get loads of goodies?
OR maybe you have a friend or family you think would benefit from this deal?

We want to keep you in tip-top shape so that you FEEL Better, THINK Clearer, DO More all year round!

Offer enrolments END on the 14th of November

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas Gift for that special loved one?

Definitely get this STAY SUPER Program for them - they will love you for the entire YEAR.

Seriously its the gift that keeps on giving!

Hurry only 16 available packages left.

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Monday, 30 October 2017

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Chelsea's Journey to the Rugby League World Cup

For anyone that doesn't know... Chelsea Baker is my FAVOURITE FOOTBALL player of ALL TIME!

Yes, it's true... 
I am a massive fan of Darren Lockyer, Johnathan Thurston and Billy Slater. 

But my FAVOURITE footballer is Chelsea Baker. 

It's NOT just Chelsea's dedication to her own personal game:
- the sprint training
- the extra workouts 
- and additional skill work

It's NOT just her dedication to her players and coaches:
- building great connections and friendships
- giving positive feedback and assurance 
- leading by example

It's NOT just because Chelsea's genuinely a good person,
with great comradery and sportsmanship (on and off the field).  

It's NOT just because she absolutely gives 100% best athletic effort on the field every time. Which is so exciting and entertaining to watch...even for players and supporters on the opposite team. 

It's BECAUSE Chelsea does it all while being a full-time mum to her 2 young children, a caring partner to her Husband Matt, awesome sister and daughter to her family, and a loyal mate to all her friends. 

That is WHY Chelsea is my favourite football player. 

The next 17 days of blog posts are to say thank you for letting us all be part of your Rugby League Journey for the past 5+ years. 

And for reminding me that Rugby League (the greatest game on earth to watch) can be played with the FUN and EXCITEMENT you bring to each game, without the arrogance or poor reputation that some professionals (and non-professionals) bring to our great game. 

You're a legend mate. All of us can't wait to see you play in the green and gold for Australia. 

The Countdown is on!


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Understanding Pain and Accumulative Strain

I've said it before, I'll say it again.
There are things that your brain has tagged as painful, long before you may recognise it yourself. I only started to understand this concept after studying and listening to Michael Ridgway, one of my mentors who revealed so much of what I once had no understanding of... the accumulative strain model and clearing neural irritation. 

Some of the background to catch you up. 
Stress (or strain) causes inflammation, inflammation leads to fatigue, injury and/or illness.

When we experience pain, there is usually a reason for it. Often the symptoms (pain, swelling, redness, loss in ROM, flexibility function or etc) are obvious and require some type of pain relief or treatment. The best place to start in my opinion is clearing the nervous system (as taught to me in the Ridgway Method). We do this technique in clinic, try and touch your toes --> if you get a neural sensation or pain --> book in and I'll show you why stretching aggravates you and potentially could be making your pains worse

But what about the stress/strain that we aren't consciously recognising as a problem or pain?

[This is the part I love to communicate and share with people]

That understanding, our bodies are always communicating with us. We have a language that we natively speak (our body language) but many of us have disconnected from it because of technology, behaviours and addictions that steal our attention and separate us from our inner voice and self-understanding. 

Many of us perform dysfunctional movement at work, school, sport, holiday without truly understand that those movements are causing stress/strains that eventuate in what seems like an acute injury, but actually was stress/strain building up over a long period of time. 

Michael Ridgway explains further: 
I was taught that if someone has no overt symptoms, such as pain and stiffness, then there is no musculoskeletal problem.

This seemed to make sense because my clients would always present with a problem that needed the help of a physiotherapist to resolve.

Nobody ever came in saying "I don't have any issues, can you still treat me"

So there was no need to question the apparent logic of what I was taught.

Yet when I do a whole body assessment on a client with a musculoskeletal condition (in response to Fundamental 2 "Local Symptoms often have Remote Causes"), I very rarely find a single problem such as 1 tight muscle or 1 stiff joint. I always find a multitude of problems throughout their body.

Did all of these problems occur at the exact same time as the symptom that caused this client to seek my help…or did these problems exist beforehand and potentially play a part in the appearance of the presenting symptom?

I decided that instead of only doing a Whole Body Assessment on clients who had already presented with a problem, I had to start testing by doing a Whole Body Assessment on people who apparently had no symptoms…and no reason to seek my help.

What did I find?

These apparently healthy people, with no apparent symptoms and no "reason" to seek the help of a Physiotherapist, just like my clients, had multiple problem areas of tight muscles and stiff joints and restricted movement throughout their body,

My conclusion?

That these healthy people with no apparent symptoms, suffered from an accumulation of strain (strain + resulting compensation, leading to a new strain + resulting new compensation and so on).

Just as my clients who presented with symptoms also suffered from an accumulation of strain, but that cycle of strain then compensation eventually became too much for the body to continue to compensate adequately for, and so there was a "straw that broke the camel's back" effect which resulted in the onset of more apparent symptoms, to motivate them to avoid activities that aggravate, and/or to seek help.

Why is this important for us to know?

Because if musculoskeletal conditions are the result of an accumulation of strain, then treating or removing only the presenting symptoms, and not ALL of the dysfunctions, will result in at best a short-term fix that leaves the client vulnerable to regular re-accumulation and re-aggravation.

It also helps us understand that we need to retrain the client in how to move in a more "ideal" way once the accumulation of strain has been reversed throughout the entire body, in order for the client to not immediately recommence the re-accumulation of strain and compensations cycle as soon as they complete treatment…and that they continue to get Tune-Ups…

See the image of the Accumulative Strain Model

My conclusion... musculoskeletal conditions, that are appropriate for physiotherapists to resolve, are the result of ACCUMULATIVE STRAIN.

With this understanding, there are no mismatches anymore, I enjoy my work a lot more and I get significantly better results with clients.

RM 5 Fundamentals:
1 Be objective
2 Local symptoms often have remote causes
3 The Single Best Intervention results in Resolution Of Multiple Dysfunctions
Throughout The Body [i.e. Conditions are Protective Mechanisms]
4 And result from accumulative strain
5 Behaviour change is required for sustaining the fix

These fundamentals guide the redesign of RM... making it more simple and easier for physiotherapists to understand and apply.

Actually, it's much easier for me now. Not just with simplifying RM systems for physiotherapists, but also helping me to deliver better outcomes for my clients.

* Quiroga, Q.R., Mukamel, R., Isham, E.A., Malach, R, Fried I. (2008) Human single-neuron responses at the threshold of conscious recognition. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol 105, p3599.
* Marras, Wm, S. (2003). The Case For Cumulative Trauma In Low Back Disorders. The Spine Journal, 3, 177.

Monday, 19 June 2017

FREE Functional Mobility Classes

Can we help you or someone you know feel better?

How: Functional Mobility Classes.

What is Functional Mobility: It’s something we all need. In fact, our bodies crave it.

We all love that feeling when our bodies just feel great. When they move really well all of the time. 
In clinic, we like to call it nutritious movement.

Essentially, functional mobility is the movements that we do every day (at work, school, sport, holiday). Movements like squat, bend, sit, stand, push, pull and lay.

These movements completed correctly will make feel confident, in control, strong and functional.

These movements performed incorrectly over a period of time can create stress on the body that later presents itself as pain. If these inefficient movements are continued and repeated in combination with:
- heavy lifting
- long periods of intensity
- high speed
- reduced recovery time —> your body will become inflamed, fatigued and injured.

If you know someone who needs nutritious movement to help:
- restore
- heal
- rest and
- recover
from the movements they do at work, school, sport, holiday, then the following movement classes will be perfect for them.

Someone who is in pain, has inflammation, stress and movement dysfunction.

Someone who wants to exercise but simply feels like they cannot. These classes are you.

The Functional Mobility classes are designed around movement but are not considered exercise. 
Exercise is for healthy people and if you have pain, inflammation, stress and movement dysfunction, you are not healthy.

When, Where and How?
The following 3 classes are available to everyone and are lead by our Clinical Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist.

Bookings are essential - Please book online

1. Mobility Func! (This class is for everyone - Even if you struggle with pain and movement)

2. Ground Up Therapy Rehab (Area specific classes) 
- Feet to knee Class
- Hip to lower back
- Thoracic to Neck

3. Functional Movement Pilates (FMP is a pre-pilates to develop nutritious movement + before moving into higher demands of function and strength)

We believe if people feel better, then they will think clearer and do more of what they love. 
We know people are stressed, so stressed that they have inflammation in their body that causes injury and illness.

We know that if we can help people feel better by identifying their stressors, then we can begin to reduce inflammation that causes pain and discomfort and treat injury at its source.

**You must book to attend. ** 
These classes are FREE but there are limited spaces. 
To see a timetable of what's available and to book online go to

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Thyroid Documentary for Thyroid Sufferers

By Joshua Iaquinto. | Physiotherapist |

Who do you know that suffers from Thyroid issues?

Dr. Izabella Wentz, is a thyroid expert and your host of The Thyroid Secret! Izabella became a thyroid expert as a result of her own challenges with autoimmune thyroid disease, Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism.

Dr. Izabella Wentz goal is to change the way that thyroid disease is treated- "because too many people suffer needlessly like I did- and I hope to do so with this documentary! I need your help by watching the documentary. - Click here to watch

She partnered with over 100 thyroid experts, 67 thyroid patients, and an amazing production team to create this documentary series to empower you with the tools you need to take back your health!


I spent the last months of 2016 investigating my own health... after investigating my thyroid results, I was shocked by the level of testing, knowledge and advice given by (many) doctors. I know so many people suffer from superficial testing and ill-advice... especially when it comes to thyroid issues. 

i'll be watching this PREVIEW SCREENING when the World Premiere screening occurs on Jan 18th  - click here to watch for FREE

If you know someone who suffers from Thyroid related issues -  share this with them. Would love to hear your thoughts after the screening.